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Choosing a diamond is an exciting moment, but in order to make an informed decision a foundational understanding of the criteria used in valuation is necessary. Though this momentous acquisition requires important technical and financial notions, it will also certainly evoke an emotive response. A diamond punctuates and is an integral part of the happiest moments in life.

We are proud to offer high quality gems at the best price available on the market. We are able to do so by making our network of wholesalers, cutters and suppliers of diamonds and gemstones compete in order to offer you only the finest.

The choice of a diamond

Based in Montreal, Cathcart Street, we provide a network of talented and experienced craftspeople to conceive and create your unique jewellery.

BENADERETTE jewelry design

Victor BENADERETTE, graduated from the Montreal School of Gemology. He gained his first experience in the industry at the leading diamond wholesaler in Quebec. Victor's reputation continues to expand through his Asian and North American network. His participation in major international jewellery and gemology shows keeps his network active and growing.

Do you wish to offer an engagement ring or solitaire diamonds?

Are you looking for rare colored stones?

Would you like to choose each stone to create the jewel of your dreams?


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