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The diamond is formed 200 km underground, under the Earth's mantle and under extreme pressure and temperature.


Carried by volcano 3 billion years ago, the diamond is found in Kimberlite chimneys. It is a rock in which the diamond is transported during the volcanic eruption.


No other gem could have survived this journey without disintegrating. Diamond is not the rarest gem in the world, but it is certainly one of the most difficult to extract from the Earth, and has exceptional shine and hardness properties.

From the mine to your hand

  • The mine extracts the rough diamond

  • The diamond cutter facets the rough stones

  • Wholesaler buys lots of cut diamonds

  • The jeweler designer buys stones for his jewelry creations

  • The jeweler offers the creations to his customers

Diamond mine

Diavik, Northwest Territories Canada

Diamond cutter



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