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The shape of stones: The secret of a good size (cut - 4C) lies in the symmetry, the balance of the proportions and the talent of the diamond cutter.

  • The shape of the stone (round, oval, square, ...) is to be considered at the same time than the type of faceting:

  • Brilliant cut: crown and breech cut in triangle and kite. The lower part of the stone goes to a central point (culet)

  • Step cut: parallel facets (ex: emerald cut)

  • Mixed cut: upper part brilliant and lower part in degrees (ex: princess size) or conversely

  • Cabochon cut (unusual for diamonds): rounded polished surface, not faceted

  • Other cut: brilollette, buff top, plate, ....

Taille brillant

Taille en degrés

Taille mixte

Round Brillant

Mixte - Princess

Square Shape

Pear Brillant

Brillant Oval

Step cut - Asscher

Marquise Brillant

Cushion Brillant

Heart Brillant

Step cut - Emerald

Mixte - Radiant 

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