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While traveling from the basement of the world, projected into the lava of volcanoes and recovered under the ground in the driest areas, the diamond can collect breaks, small marks or tiny crystals. Its rating will be assigned based on the size, position and nature of those inclusions.

FL: Flawless - Pure with magnifying glass 10X

Surface and interior of the stone perfectly pure

May have: an extra facet, a raw witness (piece of uncut rough diamond), invisible growth lines, a laser inscription on the girdle

IF: Internally Flawless, perfect internal purity

Interior of the stone perfectly pure.

The difference with FL is a very slight surface imperfection, that a slight polishing can erase – it’s equivalent to a FL diamond barely scratched


VVS1 – VVS2 : Very very slightly Included

Very difficult to observe with a magnifying glass: Tiny inclusions, crystals, natural, etc.

Inclusion visible from the breech (not the table)

The difference between VVS1 and VVS2 is the position of inclusion, more or less close to the table or crown


VS1 – VS2 : Very slightly Included

Hard to observe with a magnifying glass: Very small crystals / small feathers / small cloud ...

Extremely discreet. The difference between VS1 and VS2 is the position of the inclusion, more or less close to the table or crown


SI1 – SI2 : Slightly Included

Inclusions easy (Si1) to very easy (Si2) to see with a magnifying glass, invisible to the naked eye.

Inclusions are difficult to see by the crown. Inclusions are of larger sizes and less well placed than in a VS stone


I1 – I2 – I3: Included

Obvious inclusions to see with a magnifying glass and the naked eye.

I2-I3 diamonds shows a certain decrease in the strength and brilliance

SI3 is an appellation for stones equivalent to I1 but is not recognized by certification laboratories

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